Washing machines

Looking for the average washing machine price in Egypt? The average washing machine price in Egypt can range anywhere between 600 EGP to 27K EGP; depending on the features you require and the type of washing machine you plan to buy. Which washing machine should I buy? There are several washing machine types on the market, and each type has its advantages and drawbacks. Deciding on your needs will help you get a washing machine that will last you years. Generally, a top-loading washing machine is the least expensive option available on the market, but its shorter cycles are tough on clothes and they consume more water than other washing machine types. A front-loading washing machine is much gentler on fabrics, more efficient with water and are available in moderately large capacities for the modern family. Front-loading washing machines, the compact and the conventional models, are usually more expensive than their top-loading counterparts, but offer a lot more value for money on the long-term. If you’re building a family, a front-loading washing machine is your best bet. Nowadays, you can get a high-quality washing machine from dozens of international and local brands, including Ariston, Samsung, LG, Zanussi, White Point, Toshiba, Fresh, Candy, Hoover, Brandt, Universal, Sharp, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Unionaire, White Westinghouse and more.