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Looking for premium cameras in Egypt? You’ve come to the right place. Deciding to buy a professional camera or camcorder can be a hefty purchase, but it’s always worth it on the long run if you buy a camera that suits your needs and usage. If you’re interested in professional photography as a hobby or a career path, then DSLR cameras are your best bet. Aside from choosing a model that suits your needs in terms of quick shooting, shooting at low-light, you can always upgrade it with several kinds of high quality lenses and investing in camera accessories such as lens filters, lens adapters, camera cases, bags, professional camera straps, memory cards, lighting fixtures and tripods. Additionally, choosing a camera with a good sensor and a high resolution is a great investment as the camera ages well and you don’t have to replace it for another 5 years. Mirrorless cameras are becoming increasingly popular of late, and the are constantly getting improved models that make them on par with a regular DSLR camera. Nowadays, mirrorless cameras have some models available with full frame sensors, and they are generally smaller and lighter than Digital SLR cameras. Mirrorless and DSLRs are known for their autofocus features and higher resolutions at different lighting, some cameras are even available in 4K ultra HD. Point and shoot cameras are a great choice for casual or social use, and their greatest advantage is their portability in terms of size and hassle. Although they usually have a smaller sensor, you can carry them around anywhere and produce high quality images that do the job for people who just want to get a picture of their friends and loved ones for memory or for people who are shooting on the go, such as photojournalists and travel bloggers. Action cameras are smaller in size and are usually great for sports and adventure photography, although some people buy them to get more memories on their trips than they usually can with a breakable, bulkier alternative. Most action cameras are available in waterproof and dirt-resistant models to provide freedom of movement, and the high-end types are also available in drop-resistant models. They can also be used to create image stills and time lapse videos. Now, you don’t have to run around looking for camera stores in Egypt or make a long, confusing list of camera prices in Egypt to make your decision. With elprices, you can browse hundreds of different professional cameras, camera models and camera accessories from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Go Pro and Fujifilm in one place. Browse by seller, rating or price and check out other people’s customer reviews and decide which camera suits you best with zero hassle.