Shopping for an electric kettle in Egypt? Having an electric kettle around the house is a must these days, how else would we get that much needed coffee in the morning without being even more late for work? And how else can we get that caffeine fix from a quick afternoon tea? An electric kettle is not only fast and convenient, it’s also energy efficient and time-oriented! If you’re shopping for an electric kettle in Egypt, then you need to look at some features to decide what’s best for you. These features are speed, temperature and safety options, size, durability and cost. A fast kettle can heat up your water in 3-4 minutes, with some models claiming to heat your water as fast as 90 seconds. An electric kettle can also offer you temperature options for different types of brewing, and others have a safe exterior that doesn’t get hot with its liquid such as an enforced glass kettle; a feature that is very handy around a house full of kids. Size is also a plus, especially if you’re hosting, and the cost and durability depend highly on the brand name. A lot of modern electric kettle types also offer several more features, such as auto-shutoff, water gauges, and cord-less functionality. Nowadays, you can get a kettle from dozens of international and local brand names, such as Kenwood, Braun, Tefal, Philips, Russell Hobbs, Black & Decker, Mienta, Bosch, Sonai, Zahran, Elaraby Group, Tornado, Grouhy, Panasonic and more.