Hand Mixers & Blenders

If you’re not willing to invest in a heavy-duty kitchen machine or food processor, a hand mixer and a hand blender can be your best friends around the kitchen on those tough weekdays and family weekends. Shopping for a hand mixer or a hand blender in Egypt? It’s hard to go into a house and not find an ancient hand mixer lying around. A hand mixer is not only useful for baking, it can also be used for making scrambled eggs for breakfast and general-purpose mixing around the house. Similarly, a hand blender is great for making soup, sauces and smoothies, and can help you around those conky edges in your perfect recipe. Which hand mixer or hand blender should I buy? There are dozens of hand blender and hand mixer brands available on the market today, the most popular of them are: Kenwood, Bosch, Philips, Black & Decker, Panasonic, Braun, Moulinex, Ideal, Russell Hobbs and Mienta.