Whether you’re looking after your health or you’re tired of carrying a smartphone around everywhere you go, a smartwatch can be a great investment for people on the go. What’s the average smart watch price in Egypt? An average smart watch price in Egypt can be anywhere between 2-3K EGP, but smart watch prices can start from under 200 EGP and go all the way up to 20K EGP, depending on its features, brand name and durability. How do I pick a smart watch in Egypt? There are several factors to consider if you’re buying a smart watch in Egypt, first of which is compatibility. Most smart watches have to be compatible with your phone, since they sync to your social media apps and help you carry out activities remotely. Nowadays, you can get an apple watch, a huawei smart watch, a samsung smart watch, a sony smart watch or a fossil smartwatch. Due to high demand, most international watch, sports and phone brands have built their own smart watches, such as Nike smart watches, Huawei smart watches, LG smart watches and more, offering shoppers with thousands of smart watch options to choose from. There are some other factors to consider when you’re buying a smart watch in Egypt, including rated battery life, the availability of fitness features such as a heart rate sensor and GPS, the quality and availability of its belt and buckle, app selection, operating system and display quality. Some watches, such as the Apple Watch Series 3 and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier have built-in LTE, allowing you to leave your phone at home and use the smart watch as a replacement, with a seperate data plan. You can also use them to pay for things, if they are NFC-enabled, but all these features affect the smart watch price in Egypt.